Driving Innovation: Sensors Prototyping

Sensors and Imaging KTN Report:

This opportunity covered sensors using photonic technologies and is estimated to be a £26B market by 2020. Apart from security and defence, the drivers in this market are pollution detection in air, soil and water; the use of sensors for driving assistance in cars in areas such as driver vision enhancement; surveillance cameras to detect driver drowsiness, and sensors used to monitor the status and performance of equipment and optimise production processes.

Many of the UK’s universities have a research capability in optical sensors and this research base has over several years generated companies serving this market.

Barriers identified were the cost of prototyping and fragmented markets for which it was difficult to justify the cost of investment. To address these barriers a Photonics TIC should undertake prototyping, system integration and bespoke packaging. Also a TIC should be involved in software and algorithm development.

What are the global growth opportunities in photonics accessible to the UK?………Comment: “Laser development, optical sensors and imaging, communications, lighting, energy. A photonics TIC would strengthen the ability of the industry, particularly in the components sector to provide the building blocks for larger companies which use photonics technologies as part of their overall products.”

KTN: Interim Report on Photonics Technology Innovation Centre Consultation Workshop



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