Bruker New Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer

Assessing Heat Treatment Carburization via the Combustion Method

The new analyzer introduced by Bruker in early 2011 utilizes the combustion method for rapidly and precisely measuring the carbon and sulfur content in metals, soils, and many other sample types. Like many combustion analyzers the G4 ICARUS converts the solid sample of interest into gaseous components which are measured by infrared detectros and processed into tangible carbon and sulfur concentrations. The ICARUS however, has beneficial features using high-frequency HF induction furnace to rapidly combust solid samples – for accurately quantifying the carbon content. In this method the carburized foil is analyzed and quantified with a high frequency induction furnace and infrared detector, respectively. This is a reference method and does not suffer from limitations of previous gravimetric method using weight gain, which is affected by the presence of contaminant species in the furnace atmosphere (eg. oxygen) that will react with the metal surface and artificially increase the foil mass.

Source: October 2011, Bruker Newsletter, Eric S Oxley, Product Manager, Bruker AXS Inc., Billerica, MA, USA


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