AFM Workshop

AFM is a key nanoscale measurement insturment that is enabling Nanotechnology developments in all disciplines of science and engineering. As a result, there is a substantial demand by students as well as professionals for AFM Education. The AFMWorkshop and the TT-AFM have considerable advantages for all aspects of AFM education.

The AFMWorkshop offers a TT-AFM assembly workshop Attendees to this this five day workshop receive training on the theory, practice and assembly of an atomic force microscope. It is expected that students of the course have purchased the TT-AFM kit. The courses are held on an as-need basis. After constructing their own AFM Workshop attendees are better able to operate their microscopes. Further, because they know all of the details that went into the microscopes design, they are qualified to make modification and repair it.

On the “Technical” page of the AFMWorkshop web site is a book that is ideal as an introduction to AFM instrumentation, theory, operation and applications. This practical guide is free to the general public and must be downloaded and printed. In addition, “Atomic Force Microscopy” written by Dr.’s Peter Eaton and Paul West, is available from the AFM workshop. This book has all of the information in the free book but includes much more detailed discussions as well as a complete reference list. The book is published by the Oxford University Press.



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