Ambient Kelvin Probe


Base and System Packages Description

KP Technology Kelvin probes are digital systems, i.e. the Kelvin probe frequency, amplitude of

oscillation, mean spacing, backing potential and data acquisition parameters can be set by the

user. Further this is an off-null system, i.e. the work function is calculated using 2 or more signal

peak-to-peak measurements performed at backing potentials on either side of balance. Thus

the actual Kelvin probe signal is visible at all times during measurement. In contrast null-based

detection systems require a phase sensitive detector and the Kelvin probe signal is nulled


The ambient Kelvin probe comes complete with ambient head unit, tip preamplifier, driving

electronics, data acquisition system, cables and manual. Our Systems include the PC host

computer, optical mounts based upon a 250 x 250 (mm) or 450 x 450 mm base. The KP head

unit is positioned vertical above the sample holder can can be manually translated 25.4 mm

normal to the specimen. Either KP020 or SKP5050 system can be upgraded to include the

LE450 Faraday Enclosure or RHC020 Relative Humidity enclosure. Our spectroscopy upgrade

(SPS030/040) is suitable for studying light sensitive specimens including semiconductors and

solar cells.

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