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Plenty of investment opportunities at the bottom

The case for nanotechnology

Nanotechnologies, utilizing minute-sized matter, have raised hopes of revolutionary development in a wide range of technologies that will drastically change our way of life. It has high potential for devising sustainable solutions to variety of societal issues and unprecedented improvement to our living standards from water purification to energy consumption.  Better healthcare, environment-friendly and general well-being can result when necessary measures are taken to enhance the viability of industrial scale applications. Manufacturing of higher performance products and services that are magical – like socks that never smell, glass that cleans itself, bandages that heal cuts, light-bulbs that last well over a decade.

World Economic Forum message was clear that innovation now is the matter of survival not just growth. Nanotechnologies and their bottom-up production systems, atom by atom, show great potential to address constraints of a mature economy.  By creating a world of new opportunities, new competitive advantages, new markets, economic growth is no longer restricted by over consumption.

Concerns regarding an aging population and pensions, who is going to pay and where will the work force comes from, find workable solutions. Nanotech based devices meet the demands of an active retirement by facilitating independence and lifelong learning. Nanotechnologies can enhance traditional ways of moving, caring and communication with an ageing population.

Nanotechnology disruptive impact on industry is much broader than previous technology-change scenarios, as they touch across range of industries. These innovative technologies will clean up the unintended consequences of the first and second industrial revolutions. Efficient use of energy and targeted drug delivery are most compelling drivers of nanotechnologies corresponding to atomically functional nanosystems, energy production, smart materials, instrumentation, catalysis, etc.
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Microscope probe-sharpening technique improves resolution, durability (w/video)








A traditionally etched tungsten STM probe, sharpened to a 1-nanometer point after bombarding it with ions

Watch: the new microscope probe sharpening process

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Oxford Tops Times Good University Guide for 11th Year

Oxford is inspirational, it is never enough to do your best, you have to excel.

Ask Oxford Dons and Alumni

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