HRTEM images of individual atoms in graphene with unprecedented resolution

Low-voltage HRTEM imaging of dislocation dynamics in graphene is presented, using both spherical aberration correction and monochromation of the electron beam using a double filter. Graphene samples were prepared using chemical vapor deposition (CVD) on copper foils and were transferred onto silicon nitride TEM grids with 2-μm holes (see the supplementary materials for details).







Imaging edge dislocations. (A) HRTEM image showing two opposing (1,0) edge glide dislocations in graphene. (B) Structural model representing the dislocation pair (blue and green) in (A). (C) HRTEM image simulations using the atomic model in (B) as a supercell. False color is used for the images to aid visual inspection.

Source: Oxford University Materials Dept., Read the full text here:



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