CyberScanning Electron Microscopy

Access SEM over the Web:

Oxford University’s Materials Dept. has developed an interface that gives control of a dedicated scanning electron microscope (SEM) to schools over the Web. The full-scale dedicated SEM is installed in Oxford, and is currently being road-tested over the Internet to ensure that it is both easy to use and robust. Modules of supporting documentation (including detailed lesson plans) are available for download.

The remote operator can change the microscope magnification, move around the sample, focus and capture images directly onto his/her computer at a range of resolutions. The remote operator can choose between a set of samples, selected as most appropriate for student learning in the 14-18 age group. At present, most samples are focused on the biology curriculum and include leaves, rat skin, E. coli, sperm, bacteria, salmonella, rat kidney, radiolarians, trachea, lung and pollen, but plans are in place to broaden into the physics and technology curricula.



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