Images of individual atoms in graphene





Dislocation-Driven Deformations in Graphene

A team of researchers from Oxford’s Department of Materials and industry partner JEOL, have obtained images of individual atoms in graphene with unprecedented resolution using Oxford’s state-of-the-art transmission electron microscope. Reported in the journal Science, 337, 209 (2012), the team studied edge dislocations in graphene and revealed for the first time the strain induced in graphe

Source:’s lattice by edge dislocations.


A report entitled “world market for graphene to 2017” by the future markets, Inc. 2011 estimates that the production volume of graphene in 2010 was 28 tonnes and is projected to grow to 573 Tonnes by 2017.

The quality of graphene plays a crucial role as the presence of defects, impurities, grain boundaries, multiple domains, structural disorders, wrinkles in the graphene sheet can have an adverse effect on its electronic and optical properties. In electronic applications, the major bottleneck is the requirement of large size samples, which is possible only in the case of CVD process, but it is difficult to produce high quality and single crystalline graphene thin films possessing very high electrical and thermal conductivities along with excellent optical transparency. Another issue of concern in the synthesis of graphene by conventional methods involves the use of toxic chemicals and these methods usually result in the generation hazardous waste and poisonous gases.



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