Monitor vital signs via webcam

Oxford spin-out provides software to monitor vital signs via webcam

A new Oxford spin-out, OxeHealth, spun out from Oxford’s Institute of Biomedical Engineering, will allow patient’s health to be monitored using a webcam and a software application.

The software will detect a patient’s heart rate, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation even in artificial light without the need for any physical contact or additional hardware.

Isis Innovation, which commercialises research from the University of Oxford, announced that the new company will receive up to £500,000 in funding from IP Group, subject to certain milestones being met.

Professor Tarassenko, Director of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, said: “Our research has transformed the ubiquitous webcam into a non-contact sensor for monitoring the most important vital signs. Our close collaboration with biomedical scientists in the University and clinicians in the NHS Trust has enabled rapid translation from the lab to the ward. We believe that our webcam software offers a step change in the way that the health of individuals can be assessed in the home or the hospital.”

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