What is the best way to do basic research to create new products?

Last March Oxford University spin out firm Oxford Nanopore revealed that it is to produce a new DNA sequencing machine the size of a USB stick.

Prof Bayley the founder believes that most new commercial exploitation opportunities come from basic research, and instead of research councils and universities trying to plan ‘pathways’ to new products and services: ‘the best way to do initial research is to find good motivated scientists, give them funding and time, and leave them ALONE.’

He adds: ‘we need to make it simple for academics to form a company, don’t make them have to take a year out from their academic work or quit their university job to get things going.’ The support he received from Isis Innovation and others around the University indeed made spinning out a firm ‘relatively easy’.

His message to funders and universities is that it’s how you treat your researchers that counts; support them and, in time, everyone will reap the rewards.

Read the success story…



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