Comparing current glucose meters

 NANOPLEX™ biomarker detection

These silica-coated, surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS)-active metal nanoparticles allow robust, ultrasensitive, highly-multiplexed biomarker quantitation in any biological matrix, including whole blood.

Click here to view NANOPLEX biomarker formation animation

More than three million Canadians are living with diabetesand many of them require insulin to manage their condition. For those who use insulin, managing diabetes can often involve challenging calculations to determine an appropriate mealtime insulin dose. In a diabetes survey conducted in October 2011 by Leger Marketing, 200 Canadian healthcare professionals — including general practitioners, diabetes nurse educators and endocrinologists — stated that, in their respective clinics, four in ten mealtime insulin-using patients had difficulty calculating a mealtime insulin dose. Virtually all health care professionals (HCPs) surveyed (97%) believe that a patient’s inability to manage insulin therapy limits the intensity and complexity of the therapy that an HCP can prescribe or recommend.

Reference: Diabetes Faces, Canadian Diabetes Association: Available at


MedTronic Infusion Sets:

Comparing current Insulin Pumps: Animas, Accu-chek, Medtronic, Insulte, Sooil USA, Tandem diabetes,

Diabetes Depot

DANA Diabecare received FDA approval in 2001 –

Glucose Meter integrated into the Remote Control – sends info automatically to the Insulin Pump through wireless communication system.

Johnson&Johnson (LifeScan): OneTouch Ultramini:

One Touch Ping: use gold strips ,

The OneTouch® Ultra is a small, easy to use and very fast meter, producing results in five seconds. The OneTouch Ultra uses FastDraw™ Design test strips, a new capillary action, end-fill test strip that takes only 1 microliter of blood, is touchable, and is approved for alternative sites (e.g., the arm instead of the finger tip). Combining small blood volume, small size (3.12″ x 2.25″ x .85″, 1.5 ounces with battery) and the short, 5-second test time, the OneTouch Ultra is recommended, though the newer OneTouch Ultra2 and UltraMini are better choices (especially the new UltraMini, now that it has a data port).



The InDuo is the world’s first combined blood glucose meter and insulin dosing device.

The glucose meter (800) 663-5521, Voice Canada (408) 946-6070 Fax


Roche – Accu-Chek Advantage: Roche;

Accu-check Aviva Nano: (insert strip), Accu-Chek Mobile system = 50 tests, Strip free, virtual monitoring,


Bayer:Acsencia Elite XL, in Canada, Bayer,

Contour next EZ:

When purchasing Ascensia Elite XL Monitor it is required that you provide them with a signed prescription by your doctor.


Auto Control iTest, Zero-Click,

Powered by WaveSense Technology = Recently performed multi-site clinical studies tested the accuracy of the iTest of strips to generate over 2200 data points. The iTest was shown to be extremely accurate. Data collected by finger-stick method on individuals with type 1 and type 2 Diabetes (compared to laboratory standard† ). Results are for > 4.2 mmol/L.  

BD Latitude, BD logic; BD Medical, a segment ofBD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) (NYSE:BDX),

BD Medical Notifies Blood Glucose Monitor Users in the US and Canada About a Potential Malfunction with its Meters (2006)

BD , c/o 101 Mary Street W. Suite 300 , Whitby, Ontario, L1N 2R4
Product Notification Group , 1-866-556-8123

Warning by Health Canada on units of measure – In Canada, the monitors identified above are programmed to display test results in “mmol/L” and cannot be changed by the user. On very rare occasions these monitors may switch the blood glucose test result display from “mmol/L” to “mg/dL”.This might happen during an event such as installing a battery or dropping the monitor.

Abbott; Freestyle Freedom

on May 9, 2012 Abbott announced its new FreeStyle Insulinx Blood Glucose Monitor system available in diabetes centres and select pharmacies across Canada:


Abbott;Precision Xtra;

a blood glucose meter that tests for ketone too; (insert strip),

HDI Side Kick

HDI TrueTrack

Study found that certain foods increase 703% incident of diabetes, and that DIABETES can be cured by changing eating habits by 86%.





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