fMUS functional micro ultra sound imaging

A recent adaptation of high-frequency ultrasound imaging (Foster et al., 2002) allows quantitative measurement of changes in CBV and CBF.

stuart foster

Functional micro-ultrasound imaging (fMUS) is a new modality for hemodynamic imaging. ► fMUS enables quantification of relative CBV and CBF throughout the rat brain. ► Color Doppler ultrasound imaging identifies cortical arterioles and venules. ► rCBV is lower and flow rate is higher in cortical arterioles than in cortical venules. ► The CBF-CBV relationship is different in cortical vs. subcortical gray matter.

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“Dr Stuart Foster, PhD (Scientist Profile), Sunnybrook Research Institute, Toronto,Canada”. Retrieved 2012-05-01.


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January 10, 2013 · 6:06 pm

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