Ultrasonographic contrast enhanced images


Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, developed innovative method by using bubbles to find cancer. These are tiny microbubbles of gas, smaller than a red blood cell, that are injected in minute amounts into a patient’s veins. And when an ultrasound is used to track the bubbles, they ring like a bell, showing where they are! the bubbles essentially form a roadmap of the body’s small blood vessels. And the way those blood vessels form, will help indicate if cancer is present or not. In a healthy organ, blood vessels resemble a tree-like structure. But when cancer is present, those blood vessels look like a disorganized tangle of lines.

One study showed that Ultrasonographic US shows high concordance with CT or MR imaging, especially for the arterial phase. Discordance in the portal venous phase may reflect the tendency of CT and MR contrast agents, unlike microbubbles, to diffuse into interstitium.





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January 27, 2013 · 1:06 pm

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