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Optical Properties of VISARC™ Films

An anti-reflective coating (ARC) is a thin film of material that is processed on to a substrate in order to significantly reduce its visible light reflection. Typical glass and polymer substrates reflect a fair proportion of the light falling directly on them (approximately 4.5-6% per side), with the reflectance increasing as the viewing angle increases. This occurs at both surfaces so in total at least 9-10% of sunlight is reflected from the substrate.

Onto™ Just About Anything

The highly reactive nature of Onto™ means that it is compatible with a diverse range of materials, so it can be used to modify almost any type of surface, including:

  • Synthetic polymers such as polyolefins, polyacrylates, polyesters, polyamides, polyimides, polycarbonates, polyaramids, polystyryls, polysulfones, fluoropolymers and rubbers
  • Natural polymers such as cotton and wool
  • Inorganic Surfaces such as glasses, alumina, silicon, diamond, graphite and carbon fibre
  • Metal surfaces such as steel, aluminium and copper

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February 18, 2013 · 9:49 pm

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