Anacail was formed to commercialise technology developed at the Glasgow University’s School of Physics and Astronomy. The technology can rapidly and safely turn some of the oxygen inside packaged food into ozone, a very effective germicide. Plasma generated by a retractable device held briefly against the surface of plastic or glass packaging splits the bonds between oxygen molecules (O2) inside the packaging which then reform as ozone (or O3). The ozone naturally returns to its original state after just a couple of hours – more than enough time for any mould, fungi or bacteria on the packaging’s contents to be destroyed without adversely affecting its taste.
The product’s effectiveness as a germ-killer also extends food’s shelf-life by at least one extra day, and has been proven at UK labs including Campden BRI in Gloucestershire, where tests have shown an increase in shelf-life for products including bread and muffins, and a significant reduction of many pathogens in poultry including campylobacter, pseudomonas, and E.coli. The name Anacail means ‘shield’, ‘preserve’ or ‘protect’ in Gaelic.


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July 28, 2013 · 7:03 pm

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