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  1. MindFocus: Control your own digital environment. Switching the CanFocus light to red means 30 minutes of no distractions, and people will learn to leave you alone. You are digitally silenced, so you won’t be disturbed when you need to focus.
  2. MeetingFocus: The meeting organizer can silence his or her own digital device as well as the devices of those who have been invited to the meeting.
  3. ManagementFocus: Provides analytics on when you use the phone and how often, and when you work. It can help improve office layout, placing people based on the work they do to limit distractions and maximize corporate productivity.

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August 8, 2013 · 10:18 pm


affimiumAffinium is a specialty pharmaceutical company developing a new class of antibiotics that targets FabI in the bacterial fatty acid synthesis pathway AFN-1252, the lead clinical compound, is a first-in-class antibiotic for both oral and IV treatment of staphylococcal infections. AFN 1252 has highly potent activity only against staphylococci, including MRSA and all other drug resistant strains, and therefore may protect from off-target, negative effeccts of broader spectrum agents.

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August 8, 2013 · 10:13 pm