Oxford Immunotec



Oxford Immunotec is a medical diagnostics company developing novel new tests for various diseases based on its innovative, patented T cell measurement technology.  The company was founded in 2002 based on world-leading research at the University of Oxford.  The European headquarters are located in Abingdon, UK and the North American headquarters are located in Marlborough, MA USA.

T-Cell Xtend is an antibody complex directed against specific cell surface antigens
on human blood cells
• T-Cell Xtend cross-links selected white cells, that may interfere with ELISPOT
assays, with red blood cells
• This cross-linking increases the density of selected cells so that they form a pellet
when applied to a density gradient

The use of T-Cell Xtend allows the T-SPOT®.TB assay to be performed on blood samples up to 32 hours after venepuncture without any change in accuracy of the test.



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August 29, 2013 · 4:25 pm

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