Bio X Ltd.

Oxford Chilli Tester Goes Into ManufactureChilli sensor developed at the University of Oxford is to be manufactured by Singapore spin-out, Bio-X (S) Pte. Ltd. to bring standardisation for heat in the food industry. The mass-produced sensor could see the ubiquitous chilli symbols on food packaging replaced by Scoville units. The sensor measures the levels of capsaicinoids, chemicals in chillies that gives us the characteristic ‘heat’. The most common method of assessing the heat at the moment involves a panel of tasters – which takes time, incurs costs and often yields variable results. The handheld Chilli Tester uses nanotechnology to give an accurate measure in minutes.
The technology is licensed from Isis Innovation, the Technology Transfer Company of Oxford University, by Bio-X Ltd., a Singapore company that already deals with chemical sensors. The CEO of Bio-X (S) Pte. Ltd., Mr. Donald Foo, explained the attraction of chilli sensor technology: “With a Chilli Tester to measure the spiciness and grade products, it will provide a common understanding for heat. Spiciness is subjective and varies from culture to culture. An Asian’s tolerance for spiciness is generally different from a European’s.”


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October 1, 2013 · 11:58 am

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