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OBA Boston Chapter

Virtual nations: new communication challenges for states, business, society

Tue, 27 Jan, 2015 18:00 – 19:30

Pre-registration at least 2 days in advance and a photo ID are required to enter the Consulate. 

The OBA cordially invites you (whether you are an alumnus or not) to the second OBA Boston Lecture with a seminar entitled:

“Virtual nations: new communication challenges for states, business, and society”

Speaker: Dr Simon Moore, Associate Professor of Information Design & Corporate Communications at Bentley College and Oxford DPhil.

From the Bentley website: “Specializes in public affairs, issues and risk management, crisis planning, developing new business proposals and environmental communication. Created and taught public relations and crisis communications courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels in Britain, Canada and United States. Published, presented and consulted in Britain, Canada and the United States. Author of An Invitation to Public Relations and Public Relations and the History of Ideas; co-author of Effective Crisis Communication: Worldwide Principles and Practice, Global Technology and Corporate Crisis.”

About the Oxford Business Alumni Lecture Series
Businesses operate in complex contexts affected by economic climates, political trends, cultural values, legal developments, and technological changes. The OBA Lecture Series seeks to explore the practice and theory of business and management across disciplines and contexts. Addressing an audience of Oxford business school graduates, Oxford alumni, and friends of Oxford based in and around Boston, the lecture series will invite speakers and experts from a wide range of fields – economics, political science, religion, technology, law, entrepreneurship and others – to speak on their impact on business and management in an increasingly networked and diverse world.

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December 21, 2014 · 3:11 pm



Safe Water for a Healthy World

BioString is developing an integrated and automated device that allows E. coli testing to be performed on site, within a matter of hours, replacing the standard multi-day labour-intensive methods. Faster and more accurate water testing allows municipalities to identify contaminated water sources more quickly, thus eliminating public health risks and increasing the efficiency of beach and water management systems.



BreqLabs is commercializing a novel sensor glove device that can track very accurately and at high speed the movements of the hand. This technology can help enhance the computer gaming experience and training tools, provide handsfree computer access and simulators, or assist people with pain or mobility limitations.



Discovery by choice not by chance

Chematria makes software that helps pharmaceutical companies determine which molecules can become medicines. With Chematria’s proprietary approach to molecular docking simulations, pharmaceutical researchers can confidently predict potent molecules for novel biological targets, thereby enabling faster drug development for a fraction of the price of wet-lab experiments.

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December 8, 2014 · 8:04 pm



Sciventions is a platform designed to connect researchers around the world together, may they work in academia, a small company or a large firm. We offer a platform where scientists and researchers can sell their ideas and specialized products and services that are either not fully developed to be commercialized or are otherwise too small in volume to be sold separately. These products are tools that are used every day in the lab and are not available commercially and need to be implemented in house.

Our goal is to

1. Offer a platform where scientist fresh ideas and new products can be sold and tested for a possible market.

2. Improve the collaboration between scientists and researchers by introducing them to the products and services that their colleagues can offer them.


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CivicAction with the support of its partner, NPower Canada welcomed its first cohort into the Technology Services Corps Canada program – an employer-driven program for aspiring IT professionals that includes free training, paid internships, job placement and mentorship for underserved youth in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). This is a program under CivicAction’s Escalator Initiative which launched in September to uncover employment opportunities for youth facing barriers.

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December 5, 2014 · 4:59 am