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Impression Technologies

Impression Technologies is an aluminium forming technology business based on intellectual property developed at Imperial College London.
The world’s automotive and transport industries will have to make a step change in their use of aluminium if they are to meet into complex shapes due to its limited ductility. Current technologies cannot meet the challenges faced in producing sophisticated shapes and structures for high volume applications cost effectively.
Prof Lin of Imperial College London and Dean of the University of Birmingham have developed the Hot Form Quench (HFQ) technology, which provides a cost-competitive means of producing lightweight, complex and structured aluminium components for the automotive, aerospace and rail industries.
In the patented HFQ process, an aluminium sheet is heated above its Solution Heat Treatment temperature, formed while hot, and quenched in the press. This process allows pressings to be formed which are lighter, deeper and with tighter radii than has been possible to date. The process is quicker and more costeffective than current methods, results in superior metallurgical properties, and allows stronger and lighter structures to be formed.
Impression Technologies is headed by CEO George Adam, an experienced automotive manager with over 30 years’ experience at GKN plc and ESAB China, and chairman Mike Foster, formerly CEO of Charter International plc, which he headed for five years following a career at GKN plc and Kvaener.


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July 28, 2013 · 7:20 pm